Change Makers (02/2017 – 05/2017)

Ms. Rieck’s 7th hour Change Makers class at North Kirkwood Middle School collaborated with GoodVoice to design and execute a plan to poll the entire school. Their goal was to expand the conversation and dialog their small class was having as they spent the spring investigating social problems and considering their role in solving the ones important to them. 

GoodVoice helped organize and execute the group’s vision, to create a short video and play it on the morning announcements explaining their class, Change Makers, and asking the students to take the poll. The poll was easily accessed by all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders using a printed QR code provided to the teachers ahead of time. Change Makers designed a 7 question quick poll and reviewed the data after receiving 287 responses from the student body of a little over 600 young people. Our group was able to raise awareness about the Change Makers class and the importance of young people working to create change. We learned a lot about the school community and the issues students care about, along with amplifying youth perspective for the teachers and staff at NKMS who are developing young Change Makers.