Global Ethos (05/2016 – 05/2017)

Global Ethos is a youth travel organization dedicated to engaging US-based students in transformative service-learning experiences abroad. GoodVoice collaborated with Global Ethos high school students meeting after-school at Grand Center Arts Academy to make a short documentary about their trip from STL to San Ramón, Nicaragua.

GoodVoice trained and supported a small group of 4 young ladies who led the story’s creation. Other students who when on the trip participated in interviews and did camera work, documenting their experience to be brought back home and edited into a story. From concept to completion the Global Ethos team learned and executed the documentary production process, crafting a reflective and informative look at their own transformative experience. We scheduled the project so that the video would be ready to show at the spring fundraiser for this summer’s trip. The deadline and purpose provided a challenging goal that kept our team focused and dedicated throughout the process. Bringing the story to a live audience of family, friends, peers, and supporters was a strong culmination of our project, but the short doc can continue to be used to show the impact the trip to San Ramón is having within the youth of Global Ethos.